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Mercury Form

Mercury (Marvel) is made from non-toxic mercury

The ability to turn into a metal-like liquid form which can change its phase or shape at will. A sub-power of Metal Mimicry and Shapeshifting.


A person with this power can turn into a mercury based form that can alter its phase and body physiology at will. In the mercury form, they have all the properties of mercury in the given form, as well as resistance to heat and a sort of heat detection capability. However, all the properties of mercury are copied, including toxicity and diamagnetism. In mercury form, the user can not touch people without poisoning them and is repelled by strong magnets. You can regenerate or grow larger by consuming mercury.



  • You are affected by Magnetism Manipulation.
  • Can not withstand extremely heat like Magma Manipulation.
  • The user is too dangerous in mercury form ie can't grab someone to safety because of mercury poisoning.

Known Users

  • Mercury (Marvel)
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