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Are the various parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure really so different that you have to add them to each user? --Kuopiofi (talk) 12:40, February 27, 2015 (UTC)

When you add to Users, series should be in italics.

If I've made that mistake, sorry. I didn't mean to. Adventuretime1 (talk) 00:53, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

Rules for this wiki: "13b. Give the pic real name, no numbers or random string of characters." --Kuopiofi (talk) 11:08, March 4, 2015 (UTC)

I think you're mistaken. I name all the pictures I upload, and just minimalize the names so each is easier to type when adding them to articles. Adventuretime1 (talk) 00:55, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

You don't need to add each separate part/series. Edit

You don't need to add the separate series of jojos bizarre adventure to each entry, just leave it as it is.SageM (talk) 18:13, March 5, 2015 (UTC)SageM

I feel obligated to distinguish each part, since each part is radically different than the others, and only exceptions would be characters who have been featured in more than one part (i.e. Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando). Adventuretime1 (talk) 00:53, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

Since its all from the same universe it doesn't actually need it. while its true each part may be different that isn't what they wiki is about, so just keep it the way it is now, ok?SageM (talk) 00:59, March 6, 2015 (UTC)SageM

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