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  • Please quit posting Captain America and the Super Soldier Serum on every power you can think of.

    As 99% of those powers are ones He simply does not have. And never did.

    Its seriously getting old at this point, as now your just making stuff up without any actual facts to back it up.

    He doesn't have those powers, so stop adding him to every page.

    We had another user who did the same thing with another marvel character and they were perma banned for it.

    I'm asking nicely to stop posting false information on the wikia. The super soldier serum doesn't have or do anything like what your suggesting. And its clear at this point that you just want to add him to every page because you don't care about whats actually true.

    neither Cap nor the Super Soldier Serum can do the things you think it can. Stop please stop already.

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  • While its true that Wolverine/Logan has a regenerative factor like X-23 and Sabertooth, the presence of his adamantium skeleton prevents him from being considered a user for health ailment immunity,

    Since the adamantium is continually poisoning him day and night, it forces his healing factor to constantly fight off the effects of it (otherwise he would die from the toxic buildup).

    Because of that, he cannot be considered as user. If he was truly a user then the adamantium wouldn't affect him at all.

    Sorry, but he doesn't belong.

    Also if you bother to check out the explanation for the powers on the marvel wikia, you would have seen that neither the Heart Shaped Herb nor Kraven have Health Ailment Immunity (especially since Kraven has gotten sick before in the actual comics, so it doesn't count).

    Please actually review the explanations on the marvel wiki before making up details that are not listed.

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