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  • Hi. Do you mind locking these pages? A user is continually removing valid users even though its been explained to them that they are valid.

    They have given no reason for the removal, as it seems to be biased. despite the fact they are in fact actual users-

    Peak Human Beauity/Supernatural

    Peak Human Beauty/Enhanced

    Exorcism Immunity

    Garbage Generation

    Thanks for the help. ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, can you please block the user Shambhala555?

    They keep changing the infobox despite multiple warnings to stop doing so, and every time the edits are undone they revert it.

    Since they are outright ignore messages on their wall, there is no other way to stop them from continuing this behavior.

    Other users have also asked them to stop and have kept reverting the users edits, but they simply repost them whenever they feel like.

    That kind of behavior is not allowed and leads to edit wars.

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  • Trident Proficiency was already made before but it was deleted because its literally nothing more than enhanced spearmanship.

    Its not even a variation of it, a trident literally is a spear. the only difference is the number of points/prongs.

    So Nenyko recreated a page without staff approval.

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    • I didn't even know there was a page about it.

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    • Plus the trident can cause three times the damage unlike the staff and spear. Most characters are users of the trident.

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    • A FANDOM user
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