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  • Yes. That's the whole point behind the power. It effects every facet of the mind/brain of the individual.

    Everything relating to the brain and mind is at the control of the user.

    So the also called is correct. 

    If you read the applications and associations as well as the capabilities you will see what I mean.

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    • Here is proof of what I said-

      "User has direct and total control over their mental structure, being able to manipulate at will their own emotions, sensations, perceptions, consciousness, memories, personality and everything connected to their brain and mind granting highly advanced capabilities."

      So there is no reason to change that, when it was correct all along.

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    • So I assume I answered my own question? It appears I was too hasty. I got the impression this page was assuming/insinuating that materialism/physicalism is true and has somehow been proven, when it has not. The terms mind and brain aren't necessarily interchangeable, unless of course it is for the sake of simplicity. I did notice the page does distinguish between brain and mind, but I was confused by the also called section as well. If I understand correctly, this power is your mind having full control over itself, as well as the brain. 

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