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  • You say that nothing can be deleted from this wikia and that its all recorded and safe.

    But that is not the case-

    This is Kuopiofi's history page. As you can see it only goes back to 2016, rather then to when he first joined the wikia.

    Thats because it was erased and there isn't any way to recover the logs.

    That same happened to Gabe's history page as well.

    If the wikia is supposed to record and save everything that happens, than how to do you account for this? Because this isn't the first time its happened either.

    One of my pages got deleted and it never showed up in the logs that it was gone. the only reason I knew it was even deleted is because I checked the page and it wasn't showing up in the listings.

    It was erased by Caydeb and it had to be recovered by the Community, because the logs for it were gone and there wasn't any way for any of the staff members on here to restore it.

    So please don't tell me that stuff is safe and always recorded, because I have seen that is not true through first hand experience.

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    • 24.gifLolol.gifLMAO.gif

      Gone forever is it? Huh... then tell me oh wise one... what are these:

      Demoshot 1

      Oh what's this? 7976 deleted edits?

      Demoshot 2

      Hmm? Well looky here, looks like I've found the location of the edits that Caydeb deleted :O

      Demoshot 3

      Well what a relief, all of Kuo-bot's edits are right here!

      And as for deleting thread messages, like I said before: Nothing on wikia gets deleted permanently...
      The contents of the thread are all there, safe and sound, even if the thread has been "removed". Ice_Cream.gif

      If you're so worried about "all these vandals", then that just means the wiki needs more Thread Mods to keep on eye on Message Walls and Forum threads and tighter blocking rules for vandals who decide they want to do such things.

      Stop being such a downer just because you're not happy your gigantic talk page has disappeared, all of your claims are baseless and not worth the worry you're trying to attach to them.

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