aka N. DS

  • I live in Bothell, Washington
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is I'm a gamer who's trying my hands at being an author. My book is called "The Ronin." If you're interested, click "My Website" to start reading.
  • I am Male
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  • Outside links do not go or belong in the captions or in the quotes.

    They only go in the known users section and nowhere else.

    Please do not post them there again.

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    • Take a look at the average length of quotes on the various wikia pages.

      None of them are anywhere near that long. they are usually short descriptions or maybe a couple of sentences, but not page sized paragraphs that are even bigger then the infoboxes or the capabilities description.

      The same deal goes for captions in the gallery. if the caption takes up more room then the image than its immediately axed.

      Sorry but you cannot post that on the page, as its not a quote and the description doesn't have anything to even do with Freedom. 

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    • A: "Nothing to do with the power or its description?" Did you not read it?

      B: I'll make sure to make them smaller next time.

      C: In the game he debuted in, the player can customize his name. His name is Ren Amamiya in the anime and the dancing spinoff, but his name is also Akira Kurusu in the manga, and I've even seen some YouTubers type "Akira Kurusu" in.

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    • A FANDOM user
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