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  • Hi. I just thought you should know that Trident Proficiency was also recreated without permission.

    It has been deleted at least 3 times, and yet its been recreated once more by Nenyko.

    It was already decided to be covered entirely by Enhanced Spearmanship, 

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  • {{Infobox
    |Box title = Force-Field Telekinesis
    |bgcolor = purple
    |image = File:Violet_Parr_telekinesis.jpg
    |imagewidth = 400
    |caption = Violet Parr (The Incredibles) levitating herself and her family via her force-field.
    |Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
    |Row 1 info = Use force-fields for telekinesis.}}The ability to manipulate matter using force-fields. Sub-power of Force-Field Manipulation. Variation of Telekinesis.

    ==Also Called==
    *Barrier Telekinesis
    *Flyrokinetic Telekinesis
    *Fyrosokinetic Telekinesis

    The user is able to encapsulate or grasp matter with force-fields in order to manipulate it.

    *Force-Field Imprisonment
    *Telekinesis via force-fields.

    *Force-Field Attacks
    *Force-Field Generation
    *Force-Field Manipulation
    *Matter Manipulation

    ==Known Users==
    * Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
    * Invisible Woman (Marvel Comics)

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    • You should beef up that Capabilities section.

      Also, where did the term Fyrosokinetic comes from? Can you at all explain the etymology on that? When I google it, your blog is the first thing that comes up. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Didn't we have something like Lesser Enslavement before? Not trying to defend it, I just think we had a similar or the same power before, and I think it was deleted.

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    • Did we? Honestly, the only reason I didn't delete that is I can't be sure about the Known Object. It's theoretically a valid power if there's KU's for it. The Sword of Jo-Lan is from some animated kids series from 2005, and the only reference I can find to the sword is that it's in the title of an episode and someone named Dragon brings it back. Nothing about it's powers.

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    • I see. Just checking. I was wondering if we had that power before for some reason. Maybe I was mistaken, but I could have sworn we had something like that in the past.

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    • It sounds vaguely familiar, but tbh a lot of the powers start to king of blur after a while. In any case, I don't think there's anything wrong with the idea of the power specifically. Just that it is lacking in KU's (or at least valid ones)

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  • Hi. The User BaileyDavis290 is a sockpuppet account of a user who is not allowed back on this wikia.

    He keeps trying to circumvent his block every time he it happens.

    He has made hundreds of sockpuppet accounts on this wikia, and every time he is banned he makes another.

    Mind blocking him again?

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  • Thanks for taking care of it. 

    Not sure what the heck went wrong with the coding, but it sure had a bad breakdown all of the sudden.

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    • No, what happened was Denmarkfelix decided to try and fix it, but though that the template for making a scrollbox was an infobox. So he converted every one of the scrollboxes to infoboxes, which deleted basically all of the known users. I went back to a much earlier edit, snagged the good KU list with functioning infoboxes, and then just pasted over that little tragedy.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you mind merging Special Being with Singularity?

    There doesn't really seem to be any differences between the powers, despite the page creators words.

    Even the overall capabilities and also called are the same. And they are both considered physiology powers as well.

    Since Singularity already does everything that Special Being does (and more), there is no real reason to keep it. As its covered by existing pages. So we should just merge them.

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  • do you want powers yesor no
    Nanatsu no Taizai Gloxinia Basquias Death Thorn


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    Necrotifice closed this thread because:
    It's not healthy to enable or encourage people's thought that they "have powers"
    01:45, July 22, 2020
    • It'd be cool if they existed I suppose.

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    • This reply has been removed
    • i have powers ok

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    • I'm not interested in entertaining the idea of "real powers". Hopefully you're just some kid who is having fun on the internet, but I gotta tell you that if you had powers and powers like we talk about on the wiki were real it'd be a known phenomenon. It's not a real thing, and if you sincerely think it is/think you can see your powers working you should contact your doctor.

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  • Why did you remove boundless inner world?

    Its a valid power. Its not a fan creation. And it does in fact exist in fiction.

    All the listed users have proven it.

    I don't know why you think its fanmade when it has actual on-screen evidence to support it.

    The Shinrabansho means All Things In Creation/All of Creation, and is for all intents and purposes and infinite well of power and knowledge.

    Its capable of doing absolutely anything.

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    • If a user does eventually come along that fulfills all the requirements for the power, would it then be added back to the wikia?

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    • Shinrabanshou does fit the power as originally intended near perfectly if the story is to be believed, which makes sense considering said power was almost entirely based on it.

      The "sentient pool of infinite power and knowledge" idea is pretty much the definition of the entity, which was hammered from beginning to end in the series, and was the exact reason why everyone was chasing after it. There was no definite proof of said infinity (not really sure how one can prove that) just like there wasn't any proof to the contrary either. So the truth of it is simply uncertain, and it all depends on whether or not we believe the in-universe claims, just like the claim of a character's Omnipotence is rarely ever confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, and listing them as known users or not is a choice of belief.

      Still, a call has to be made one way or the other, and seeing the very limited feats displayed during the series (to be fair it was a particularly weak setting where powers barely even existed, and the writer was awfully reluctant to display Shinra's capabilities - reducing the whole show to uttery meaningless drama), it has been decided that Shinrabanshou doesn't fit.

      The most crucial point however is that "Boundless Inner World" was never meant to be an actual world but really just a "pool of infinite power and knowledge" (exactly what Shinrabanshou is). And while the idea of world is barely mentioned both in the capabilities and applications, it has apparently become a key characteristic and central focus in the mind of most readers, whose understanding of the power was based more on its name and the associated idea than the actual content of the page.

      So on one hand the core user ends up no longer fitting, and on the other this discrepancy cannot be fixed without denaturing the power in the eyes of most readers. So the current situation is a genuine dead-end, leading to the power's removal from the main pages.

      Now that it has become a blog, I will work on fixing the discrepancy and refocusing the power on what it was always meant to be, and hope that Shinra will be accepted as a known user of the new version. Otherwise, it will probably become a userspace fanon power allowing edits from other users (we found the trick a couple days ago).

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  • The One (Henology) - Plotinus taught that there is a supreme, totally transcendent "One", containing no division, multiplicity, or distinction; beyond all categories of being and non-being. is the source of the world—but not through any act of creation, willful or otherwise, since activity cannot be ascribed to the unchangeable, immutable One.

    The All (Hermeticism) - (also called The One, The Absolute, The Great One, The Creator, The Supreme Mind, The Supreme Good, The Father, and The All Mother) is the Hermetic, pantheistic, pandeistic or panentheistic (and thus also panpsychism/monopsychism/unus mundus/anima mundi) view of God, which is that everything that is, or at least that can be experienced, collectively makes up The All. The All's mind can be seen as infinitely more powerful and vast than any of us could hope to achieve.

    Shangdi (Shang theology) - is the Chinese term for "Supreme Deity" or "Highest Deity" in the theology of the classical texts, especially deriving from Shang theology.

    Tian (Zhou theology) - the equivalent of Shangdi from Shang theology. It is is one of the oldest Chinese terms for heaven and a key concept in Chinese mythology, philosophy, and religion. The Chinese referred to their supreme god as Shàngdì (上帝, "Lord on High") or Dì (帝,"Lord"). During the following Zhou dynasty, Tiān became synonymous with this figure.

    The Tao - is a Chinese word signifying the "way", "path", "route", "road" or sometimes more loosely "doctrine", "principle" or "holistic beliefs".[1] In the context of East Asian philosophy and East Asian religions, Tao is the natural order of the universe whose character one's human intuition must discern in order to realize the potential for individual wisdom. This intuitive knowing of "life" cannot be grasped as a concept; it is known through actual living experience of one's everyday being. the Tao is not a "name" for a "thing" but the underlying natural order of the Universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe due to it being non-conceptual yet evident in one's being of aliveness. The Tao is "eternally nameless" (Tao Te Ching-32. Laozi) and to be distinguished from the countless "named" things which are considered to be its manifestations, the reality of life before its descriptions of it. (SageM was actually the one that brought this up a while back but nobody seem to respond to it)

    Gitche Manitou (Algonquian Mythology) - The Supreme Being of Algonquian Mythology who acts as the equivalent of the Christian God.

    Bague (Muisca Mythology) - is the Great Creative Mother of the Universe in Muisca mythology. She is the intangible, she is the thought, imagination and strength that came. In Her and in her thinking, there is everything that exists today. In the time of unquyquie nxie, when Bague thought, his thought became a work. Before this there was nothing. Thus Bague, the great grandmother created the makers and trainers of the universe and gave them the order to begin the creation of the universe. The great grandmother created the makers and rulers of the universe , like Chiminigagua who created space and time.

    And finally

    Supreme Consciousness (Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru Michiru) - Some higher essence, living somewhere "above". Even for local gods (gods of separate worlds-universes), this entity is incomprehensible and his will is absolute. Even though the Supreme Being usually plays the role of observer, if necessary, it can interfere to the real world(In-Fiction not literally). The spectrum of this intervention is infinitely wide - from healing the sick and raising the dead, to a complete change of all events in the whole world (the universe). Can make real any event in any world, no matter how unlikely it was. Can influence the events occurring in any of the worlds. If necessary, can rollback all of the events in the whole world (the universe). If it desires, it can completely control the life of any creature in any world as if he is a writer, and this being is a character in his history. If it desires, it can completely wipe out the existence of any creature in any world. Can give a tiny fraction of its power to any creature, which is enough to make this creature a God of his world with unlimited powers and Although initially the Supreme Being has no form, it can still take some kind of form, when going to the real world.

    Terribly sorry if this is so long. I’ll leave it to your judgment if all of these users qualify to be truly omnipotent.

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    • “Metapotence is just a variation on omnipotence. It's the power to make things happen in defiance of logic“

      Sounds like Logic Defiance.

      But anyway, Thanks for enlightening me.

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    • thanks @Necrotifice now i truly understand what metapotence is, hahaha.

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  • While I do honestly respect you, I can still say without hesitation that people in charge are suseptible to wrongdoings regardless, and I have seen it before. And I was seeing it again with how this wiki was handled.

    "There's certain other conventions that wikis often use, but this is the bare-bones defintion of what a wiki is. So, a Wiki absolutely CAN be more than just pure factual documentation, it's just that this kind of a site structure is generally the one used for making digital encyclopedias. So it's not "objective fact" that wikis are only for acting as encyclopedias and not as creative tools."

    See, this is what I mean. You are not representing what wikis are meant to operate, and I hate it when some people views a valid definition as bare-boned, its quite frankly dishonest.

    Even if it is, its actually the reality of how they actually work, and as for what you said, its a painfully weak criticism for the definition itself. If the said valid definition I have explained about was used instead, I swear to you that the wiki will operate much better than previously expected.

    The thing is, not only are users believing that wikis are for creative ideas etc, and believing that they are creating powers as if they owned them, which is untrue in its own right, the powers have to be debuted in both real-life and in fiction beforehand, otherwise they won't deserve a place on the wiki. Even if you are to give me evidence to prove me wrong otherwise in regards to how wikis operate in your own view, I extremely doubt you would find it.

    "Honestly, I find the tone of this post to be obnoxiously prescriptive. This post makes all kinds of assertions about what wikis were made for and how wikis should be used. I don't think the OP has any business saying what people should be doing with wikis. Wikis can be used lots of ways, it's just that here at SP Wiki we have a specific way of doing things. We still allow for creative content alongside our more documentarian style main namespace. It's just that we provide clear distinctions for where the creative content should go so that it doesn't interfere with the wiki's main goal - cataloging superpowers in fiction."

    I wasn't trying to make the post obnoxiously prescriptive. You may find it a harsh reality, but as wiki runnners, we have to live up to the true standard on how wikis are meant to work, and if we won't, then the wikis won't even be called wikis anymore. I also feel like this is like a play area where children make up their own rules that don't make a good fit to make everything else work. This is exactly how I feel about all this. What you are basically saying is not going to fit the wiki in terms of functionality, and its just going to make it less of a wiki than it should be. It all never makes sense in a bad way.

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    • Right, and if you think I've screwed up you're welcome to call that out.But there's a big difference between me screwing up and you disagreeing with me. Just because I don't see things your way doesn't mean I'm guilty of some misconduct, and I take such accusations very seriously.

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    • Necrotifice wrote:
      Right, and if you think I've screwed up you're welcome to call that out.But there's a big difference between me screwing up and you disagreeing with me. Just because I don't see things your way doesn't mean I'm guilty of some misconduct, and I take such accusations very seriously.

      Okay look, I apologize again for giving you some trouble, I just want the wiki to be better, just like the rest of you guys. I am not trying to make things worse.

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