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  • You make a lot of pages for Intuition Powers, and that's fine. But you should have a better understanding of what those actually ARE if you're going to make them.

    An Intuition is a natural, non-learned ability to know or do something as a power. If a character learned a skill or ability through practice, meditation, education, or any other way they DO NOT have an Intuition. For example, Luke Ainsworth has learned metallurgy as a result of his black smithing. He isn't skilled beyond normal ability - his knowledge is gained from experiences.

    Now that I have informed you of this, I expect you to follow this standard when making Intuition Pages and adding users. Additionally, you should make sure that when you post a power it has users and an image. An incomplete page is one that will be deleted.

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  • Please leave the page image alone.

    The image of the Indigo Tribe doesn't demonstrate anything related to compassion.

    It doesn;t matter if you made the image for the page or not. 

    The picture of Ren actually shows all the people he was kind too and personally helped.

    So its a far better example then one that shows no form of compassion at all. Its just a bunch of people floating in the air.

    So I ask that you leave it be, since the picture of persona is a far better representation for the power itself.

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    • Then let me find a image.

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    • The image of Persona is already perfect for the page.

      There is no reason to change it. 

      Besides the Indigo Tribe isn't even a real example anyway.

      Unlike the other Lantern Corps, the Indigo Tribe is forced to be compassionate.

      They have no actual control or choice but to show compassion, and all the members of the tribe are actually serial killers, rapists, murderers, and worse.

      I'm not joking about that either, that's the actual identity behind the Tribe. 

      So now do you want to think twice before making them the page image?

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    • I will leave it alone and I am sorry. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Before making a new power, see if it's a thing in real life. Lucid Dreaming is very much a real concept and, therefore, doesn't belong on the wiki. Review these for more information.

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  • When you create new powers, you must add them to other power pages in their Limitations, Associations or Applications sections.

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