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  • Because the only real difference is the number of prongs/points.

    That's it. That's quite literally the only notable difference between a regular spear and trident. That's not a big enough (or unique enough) distinction to make it a separate page.

    This has been explained to you multiple times before, so I'm not sure why your not really getting it.

    Variation pages have multiple distinctions (or a truly unique one) that set it apart from the original power, if they don't then they are considered too specific and are either deleted or merged with the original page.

    Its not really that hard a concept to grasp.

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    • You are right about that but Tridents are well known to be used by ocean deities and demons. There were many users of the tridents and the prongs could be good for disarmed. Trident is a spear but a prominent one.

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    • You are right about the prongs but not about the rest. Anything can be a special weapon with the right way. Tridents are no different. Imagine a Trident against a sword. The trident will trap the blade with its prongs and will snap it or disarmed the user.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You make a lot of pages for Intuition Powers, and that's fine. But you should have a better understanding of what those actually ARE if you're going to make them.

    An Intuition is a natural, non-learned ability to know or do something as a power. If a character learned a skill or ability through practice, meditation, education, or any other way they DO NOT have an Intuition. For example, Luke Ainsworth has learned metallurgy as a result of his black smithing. He isn't skilled beyond normal ability - his knowledge is gained from experiences.

    Now that I have informed you of this, I expect you to follow this standard when making Intuition Pages and adding users. Additionally, you should make sure that when you post a power it has users and an image. An incomplete page is one that will be deleted.

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  • Before making a new power, see if it's a thing in real life. Lucid Dreaming is very much a real concept and, therefore, doesn't belong on the wiki. Review these for more information.

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  • When you create new powers, you must add them to other power pages in their Limitations, Associations or Applications sections.

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