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  • How are these?

    Equable Interaction: The ability to interact with anything and remain going straight at a certain speed, no matter how irregularly shaped the user's body is or what side of the body the user lands on.

    Special Maneuvers: Like Special Attacks, only for movements like those from athletics and dancing.

    Mobility Mastering: Like Ability Mastering, only for movement/travel based powers.

    Unbalanced Activity: A rather complicated power, this allows one to move parts of their body, or their whole body so that they reach the same point at the same time or faster than the other part of the body or the whole body is traveling, regardless of which moves first, how close the body or its parts are to something or the difference in distance. For example, one arm being used to punch at one speed and the other punching after the first arm but moving at a faster speed, which reaches the target the same time as the first or hits more times before the first arm lands a hit.

    Yank Resistance: The ability to resist being pulled in any direction. Opposite to Thrust Resistance.

    Pulling Resistance: The ability to resist being pulled forward. Opposite to Pushback Resistance.

    Weather Defiance: The ability to defy any or all aspects of the weather.

    Enhanced Talent: The ability to be talented or be a prodigy in any skill or ability. Sub-power of Talent Manipulation.

    Concealed Damage: The ability to inflict damage that is not even noticed at first, but is felt when the user tries to do something, is low on health or maybe knocked unconscious.

    Planet Fall: The ability to cause planets or similar astronomical objects to move out of orbit, like Moon Fall with moons.

    Temporal Attack: The ability to attack someone or something at points of time different from one's own.

    Internal Dominance: The ability to affect how internal factors affect oneself or others. Opposite to External Dominance.

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    can i make an archetype based on mad scientist, or do we already have that?

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  • I noticed Plot Immunity hasn't been created yet, and I am trying to re-enter this wikia after a long time absent. And there is an existing web comic series though it is currently on hold until further notice, about a character who is aware of the plot and not only avoids it and all attempts to get her to be involved in the love plot written for her going as far as being immune to the illusions or events the "Plot" creates to try to force her into the role. 

    I was wondering if this could be a good basis to start that power page on seeing as it is presumably the power to be immune to not only the plot but attempts to continue the plot and being aware to some degree of the plot itself.

    The comic is an independent comic but it is a published on through blogs and art sites, though sadly not a large following.

    I just want to make sure this plot (ironically enough) fits for a character to put into the basis of this power since I know pages with powers that have no known users tend to not be favored and sometimes difficult to convey properly.

    Thank you for hearing me out!

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  • Absolute Character Erasure

    It's a expression of omnipotence. It's part of author authority but if your omnipotent you can erase any characters you want. So can you add it to the applications please?

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    16:13, August 1, 2020
  • Hi. I have a unique new power idea- Population Embodiment, the power to be or transform into the embodiment of a population of anything- objects, people, animals, hybrids, various species, etc. 

    Its basically the embodiment version of Collective Entity Physiology.

    I got the idea from the 18th Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is the collective population and embodiment of mankind, as well all past/previous and current versions/variations of it. 

    Another user is the Cetacean Hierarchy from The Unwritten, which is the populous of every story and story character in the form of an endless chain of whales.

    Sound good?

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    • One last power idea for now- Equal Existence, The power to make ones life or existence equal between multiple bodies/forms/selves/presences/etc. Sub-power of Life Mastery and Identity Dominance. 

      This means that if someone replicates/copies or clones themselves or others, their existence is the exact same for all of them. In other words, there is no original user. As they are all considered the original user, even if the copies are different/variable/unique.

      This means that killing the user wouldn't work because this power ensures that the users personal existence is the same for all

      It definitely gives new definition to being One-In-All.

      Its not exactly sharing ones existence, but rather their sense of self/identity/mind/soul is equal in all forms that the target might have or take.

      It bypasses problems that would arise for various copying/cloning/division/manifestation powers since defeating one target is meaningless and the others will simply continue on with their objective. As every version of the user is exactly the same, regardless of how many their are or even what they are.

      The only reasonable way to deal with a user of this is to take out every single version of the user at the exact same time.

      The original idea comes from Array from Gold Digger, who can create bodies/clones/replicas/manifestations of herself that can essentially be anything she wants them too....but they are all considered her and they are all equal in power and being (meaning they can use the same powers that the original one does and they all have the same identity despite whatever physical/spiritual/existential differences they might have).

      This means that there is no such thing as the original....except at the very beginning of her existence. Now Array is equal for all forms that her existence takes.

      Another user is Ortygia from Aldnoah Zero, which makes it existence equal via the process of Quantum Teleportation to make itself an infinite number of replicas.

      Sound good?

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    • Sounds good! Would it be a sub-power or related to Multipresence in any way?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Greetings Omuni, just came by to ask: do you, by any chance, happen to use Discord?

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  • How are these ideas?

    Hard Interaction: The ability to interact with anything as if they were hard and not soft.

    Homogeneous Interaction: The ability to treat any number of surfaces as if they were all the same.

    Crooked Interaction: The ability to interact with any tilted surface as if it were horizontal ground, from jumping or moving upward on tilted surfaces instead of the direction they normally propel you in when you stand on them to standing upright using powers like Enhanced Flexibility or Supernatural Flexibility to stay upright, despite being on tilted surfaces, you know what I mean?

    Superior Muscle Memory: Like Adoptive Muscle Memory, only the user improves and does memorized moves better than the ones the got them from.

    Arboreal Maneuverability: The ability to move well in trees as well as climbing structures and poles and ropes.

    Body Part Acceleration: The ability to start, stop, speed up and slow down body parts easily. Does not work with changing directions of body parts.

    Accelerated Shifting: The ability to affect oneself with Self-Manipulation powers or Shifting powers quickly, as in using, for example, a power like Self-Velocity Manipulation to speed up faster or slower than they would without this power.

    Damage Containment: Like Pain Suppression, excepts it makes it so that damage to parts of the body does not get worse as in damaged further when the user is struck by someone or something in the same area that is damaged. User still feels pain.

    Unchanged Appearance: The ability to not change in appearance. Properties still change, as the user can still get heavy or lighter, or feel different in some ways, but they always look the same. Even throwing acid on the user's body won't change them.

    Mutation Masking: The ability to mask or hide one's mutations and perhaps appear normal to others.

    EDIT: Two more ideas:

    Ultimate Powers: The ability to have any or all powers one has, provided it is not Omnipotence or Complete Arsenal, infinite in magnitude, or maximum in limit if they can't be infinite for any reason, making those powers able to be used to their fullest potential. The user still does not have all powers in existence with this power, but their existing powers are infinite or maximum.

    Extended Momentum: The ability to have high inertia or momentum, mass wise, for slower movements, making it so that the user can go farther with their moves despite being slow and easy to reduce to zero velocity.

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  • The power to be proficient with sentry guns/turrets.

    If that's not allowed. Then i'll change it to Sentry intuiton.

    basically you have intuitive knowledge to build sentrys: Weapons that basically fire on their own and Don't need someone to operate them.

    The engineer from team fortress 2 is a user of this power as well as Torbjorn from Overwatch.

    What do you think?

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  • Greetings Omuni, I suddenly had an idea of a power after reading the Mental Manipulation article. It's called "Palindromic Action Inducement", the power to force others to do the opposite of what they think. I even have one user of this power as required: it's Shen from Undead x Unluck, via Untruth.

    It can be used to restrict movements (if the target thinks of moving), misdirect attacks, and as for limitations... uh... vision field range and subconscious empathy? How do you think?

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    • The power seems like a good concept, but it needs more work in terms of what it's limitation would be. Do you have more than just one user?

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    • Unfortunately not, as it's my first time "witnessing" it in a series. I've searched really hard on the web about this but the best I could ever find was Shinji Hirako from Bleach, but his power is more inclined to invert senses rather than thought-action relationship, the Psychics from Marvel Universe, but they're more inclined to Mental Manipulation in general... Heck I even tried Najimi Ajimu but to no avail.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I have a unique and somewhat abstract power idea this time- Self-Energy Collection/Conversion, the power to collect and convert all of ones own energies/powers regardless of their nature

    Basically users of it could gather all the different energies that they use or produce (Regular, Potential, and even the absence/lack of energy/fatigue), and convert them into any form they wish, replenish their own reserves/resources, or even provide self sustenance.

    It essentially works with all the bodies systems or energy that can or could be produced from the user. A Self based version of Energy Conversion and Technique of Power Recycling and Self Empowerment.

    It takes in all forms of self energies- physical, mental, radiative, kinetic, potential, caloric, catalytic, etc, and processes them in to whatever shape/form/type the user needs.

    I have a couple users, sound good?

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    • Another power- Musical Restoration, the power to restore/recreate things through music/songs  A musical based version of restoration. not to be confused with Musical Healing.

      I have a few users, sound good?

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    • Both sound good!

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    • A FANDOM user
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