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    • A FANDOM user
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  • One more new power idea I had, Distance Erasure/Removal. The power to remove distance/concept of distance of/from things.

    Sub-power of Distance Manipulation and Perspective Manipulation, technique of Space Depletion.

    Removing Distance can easily to things being both Inaccessible/out of reach and yet can appear to be right in front of you to the point it looks like you can easily touch them without any hindrance.

    It can also make powers such as Distance Sense and Navigation Intuition useless, cause misdirection, and potentially even lead to reality breaking paradoxes by causing space to both stop expanding and yet seemingly reach out forever leading to reality itself being sundered/distorted beyond reason.

    Its both fun power and an reality breaking one.

    I got the idea from the White Room from A Wild Last Boss Has Appeared, which lacks the concept of distance entirely. 

    Sound good?

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    • This sounds sorta like Distance Defiance , which is/was a power that needed more users and work done before it could be made into a power, you're free to re-work/remake it if you want.

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    • Distance Defiance makes one ignore distance, allowing you reach things without being near them.

      This erases the concept of distance itself. So you can't reach anything, even if its right in front of you and should be easy to reach.

      Its basically a more practical version of Space Depletion/Separation.

      In other words, its the exact opposite of what distance defiance is supposed to do.

      "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet."- Rudyard Kipling

      This quote pretty covers what the power does.

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    • You can easily see things, and its looks like you should be able to touch them even and they appear to be right in front of you...

      ...but no matter what you attempt they remain out of reach or are denied to you.

      with no concept of distance, it doesn't matter how close you are to something. Its remains both of of reach and yet still close enough to apparently touch.

      Distance Defiance does the polar opposite (ie perspective manipulation).

      Unlike unreachability, the space between the user and the object/place/person doesn't actually have to increase/expand to separate them. It simply cannot be reached because the concept of distance that would normally define it no longer exists.

      Distance Erasure, would be an application/technique for various powers- Separation, Distance Manipulation, Unreachability, Unreachable Magnitude, Space Depletion, Distant Boundary, Access Denial.

      The concept of distance is a needed factor for determining ones place/location, and how far one is from something. If distance no longer exists, then its impossible to define that and we could never say how close or how far we are from something/somewhere anymore.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. I have a unique new power idea- Numerical Transcendence, the power to transcend numerical properties, constants, quantities, numbers themselves, math, and etc.

    Basically you transcend/exist outside of all numbers/numerical systems and forms/variations of them. 

    Meaning things like infinity, 0, division by zero, negative infinity, trans-infinite, counting, etc., do not apply and/or cannot be applied to the user.

    Essentially any form of numerical or math based system ceases to function or work with the user. Allowing bizarre events to occur-

    like trying to figure out how many versions/copies of the target are in front of them. This means there could appear to be thousands of copies of the user, when in fact there Zero copies. And they wouldn't be considered illusions/holograms. There actually tangible and real, but because they transcend numerical values/quantity its impossible to actually tell how many there are.

    This can apply even to things like Levels, Status, Experience, Age, Distance, Size, Dimension, and much more. 

    To a user of this, Infinity and Zero are the exact same thing 

    I got the idea from the Hunger Birds from The Ocean at End of the Lane, who cannot be quantified by any numerical system as they exist outside of both numbers and time. 

    It also makes the user immune to any/all math or numerical based power (their values or numbers cannot be reduced/changed/erased). It also fits well with powers such as Indeterminacy, Eternal Transcendence, Omnilock, Infinity Bypassing, etc.

    All in all, it has a lot of potential uses and applies to lot of different powers. 

    I have a lot of users, Sound good?

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