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    • You should make it exist, Please.  By logic, if you have a Omnipresential Attack, you should have a Omnipresential Counter too. Also makes me wonder if a Omnipresential Defense should exists too.

      - Omnipresential Counter: Counters through time and space and multi-dimentional whatevers (Applies to Counter Forces and Omni-Counter)

      - Omnipresential Defense: Can stop attacks coming from anywhere or when.

      Also Sage it has been a while.

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    • Absolute Evasion and Meta Power Reflection already cover it.

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    • Unfortunately Omnipresential Counter cannot be created, as I already had a discussion with Kuo about that very idea a while back and the answer was a firm No.


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    • Ah I see, I wouldn't have known that information... about the talking about the counter.

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    • A FANDOM user
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