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  • The users of Absolute Strength were moved to other pages because the staff made the decision regarding where they actually belong.

    They aren't allowed to be added back because they don't fit or haven't demonstrated the power.

    Absolute Strength is literally what its name suggests- Infinite Strength from the very start.

    Hulk has Strength Infinitum, as does Superman.

    Thor's strength doesn't even come close to being Infinite. And Hercules has shown far more feats of strength then even Thor. Hercules held up the universe itself (ie the Heavens/Cosmos). That's something not even Thor has ever even done, or even could accomplish.

    Thor couldn't even stand toe to toe against Glory. and Yet Hercules managed to defeat Glory's master Mikaboshi, who is an aspect of the original origin of the marvel omniverse (ie Oblivion).

    The decision regarding the users is out of my hands, as it was a staff agreement and decision that originally removed them from the page and was told to stop adding them back otherwise it would lead to blocks.

    Its out of my hands (and yours) regarding those users.

    And as for Saitama, that was a very long discussion regarding him and it was decided to add him to Supernatural Strength, as he never showed any feats (nor will he) of absolute strength.

    ONEs word regarding Saitama means nothing without the on-screen evidence to prove it. And being able to destroy a planet or stopping a planet busting attack is not even close to Absolute Strength, so please don't use that as an example. 

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    • Glad to know about  Strength Infinitum thank you. 

      Thor at least in his Rune King or Herald Thor incantations should completely count, as the former has more power than Odin and the latter overpowered Galactus whose on the page. Also pushing the World Tree is the same as lifting the universe if not greater and Thor has equaled Hercules on numerous occasions.

      If it's apparently out of your hands then fine, I'll comply to your demands.

      I still disagree about the Genos being listed in Enhanced Human Condition, if you feel he should be then at very least add multiple cyborg examples and have Technorganic Physiology and other cybernetic pages be linked in the Enhanced Human Condition page.

      If that's all I bid you a good day and apologize for calling you a bad mod, and I'll go to other sites from now on. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Most characters in One Punch Man have peak condition.

    Genos is clearly one the characters, regardless of the state of his body he is still an example of the power.

    An animated image is almost always better then one that is still, the image of Sanji you added isn't really that special when you think about it.

    The flaming aura is an aspect of his enhanced condition.

    Removing users just because you don't agree with them isn't really a valid reason.

    So what if genos has technorganic physiology? that's still no reason to remove him. As a lot of the users in the condition based powers are not fully human.

    Besides the edits you made were for ENHANCED condition, not Peak Human.

    So the edits were removed because they were incorrect.

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    • Because a lot like Omnipotence, it's rare to find a character who is well and truly provably Abs. Strength. Even TOAA is kinda questionable because it depends on the author a little. But in any case, it would seem that RK Thor is strong enough that arguing whether or not it's actually Absolute or technically something more like Nigh-Absolute is kinda splitting hairs. If you try to think of comic books as being literally and actually have some kind of consistency you will probably go mad - for the purpose of his stories, he's probably Abs. Strength.

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    • Moving the world tree should put Thor in the Abs. Strength, he did while he was weakened too. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Scrollboxes are only meant to shorten the section (known users mainly), not the different sub-sections.

    Please do not change the scrollboxes again.

    That means you do not create a scrollbox for each category.

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    • I had to remove the users because the coding on the page had to be reverted to an earlier point in the history in order to fix the mistakes you made.

      This kind of thing sometimes happens.

      Its better if you just try and edit the section your working on instead of doing full page edits, that will reduce the odds of another glitch like that in the future. ^^

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    • Okay that's fine, I keep this in all in mind in future.

      I did at least fix the anime scrollbox which is good. 

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  • "Not in the users, not in the gallery."

    Please stop adding images to the gallery when they aren't even in the users section.

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    • Oh I'm sorry, I always will add them to the users first from now on. That was for Peak Human Strength right? Or was it Supernatural Reflexes? I added some images to galley there that got removed. 

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