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  • Your argument with me about the overvoid proves nothing.

    The bureaucrats already agreed that he is a user.

    Removing users from Omnipotence is something that all the staff has to agree on.

    Do not try and change pages based on your own opinions, that is one of the major rules of this wikia.

    You might think they don't belong, but the other members of the staff agree that they do.

    The other members of the staff already had a long discussion about the overvoid long before you ever joined the wikia.

    And guess what? They say it belongs on there.

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    • Opinions or viewpoints may changed or they may not. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

      But you seem very on edge. Calm yourself these changes are not guaranteed to happen.

      You making a big fuss over all of this proves that there is some opinion to some of these users being Omnipotent.

      I can only imagine What it was like when someone like you had admin status.

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    • I am perfectly calm. I am simply pointing out to you why the argument about you think removing them as users is flawed overall.

      Omnipotence is locked for this very reason.

      Speaking personally I don't even care that the page is protected, since I have no desire to make any edits on it anyway (even when I was a staff member).

      I simply answer the questions in the comments about the discussions regarding it.

      Other users like yourself might feel the desire to do so, but I don't. I simply point out the reasons why they are listed as users and why the staff members don't remove them.

      Arguing about what is considered Omnipotence is pointless overall.  Even your argument about removing the users is meaningless, since the page is always going to protected and is only ever edited if something regarding the applications or associations changes.

      So yeah. Asking the staff to remove users isn't going to go anywhere. Its why its a staff only page and why they are only ones who decide who belongs and who doesn't.

      If they decided they belong, then that's basically it. Bringing it up again solves nothing. 

      The page will never be open to regular users and contributors, that viewpoint isn't going to change.

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    • I’m just trying a little something.

      I am well aware that this wiki has rules. As a matter fact I noticed The wiki’s rules and had a looksee.

      You say that I’m violating the rule of changing information based on my opinion yet the page is locked so I can’t change anything.

      Even if it wasn’t locked I still wouldn’t change it.

      You can say whatever you wish but if my points were meaningless they would be flat out ignored. You seem like my biggest fan right now so again, not meaningless.

      One last time, calm yourself and let things flow. If you’re so sure that I’m going to fail then just sit back and relax and watch what unfolds.

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