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  • Your argument regarding Metapotence being achievable omnipotence doesn't really work....because all known and current users are already the highest/supreme powers of their verse, or they are the Author Authority avatars.

    Which proves the point that Omnipotence is not an achievable power.

    Lets examine the facts-

    1. Azathoth- Is the supreme being of the Cthulhu Mythos and a Reality Dreamer

    2. Law of Identity- The Creator, Supreme Being, and Author of the Daimaou verse

    3. Sai Akuto- Essentially the male version of Featherine

    4. Undoubtely First- the creator of the Cryptozoi verse and author avatar.

    5. Creasion- User of Author Authority

    6. The Dreamers- Reality Dreamers and on the same scale of power as Azathoth and the Godhead

    7. Kami Tenchi- The supreme being of the entire Kajishima verse, and who is as far above the Choushin, as the Choushin are above the gods and as we are above the amoeba.

    8. Featherine- Nothing further needs to be said regarding her.

    9. SCP-3812- Clear example of Author Authority/Author Avatar, potentially regarded in the same fashion as Featherine.

    10. Mana-Yood-Sushai- Original basis for and expy of Azathoth. 

    As you can clearly see, all the known users are Supreme Beings, Author Authority users, or Reality Dreamers. Which goes to show that achieving True Omnipotence is not possible for anyone who doesn't fit that mold. As they are really the only ones who are capable of ignoring logic and reason on the scale the power demands.

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    • You’re talking about the actual real life writers right?

      I was kind of referring to all of this on a fictional level. Of course 001 is above 3812 based on them being actually real writers.

      On a fictional level however 3812 already transcended 001. Even Djkaktus referred to it as a being that views our reality as fictional and the lower one, and the lower one, Ad Infinitum in a Reddit post.

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    • He was still forced up to that level by an example of the SCP-001 though.

      Which means that had the author not interfered with his life, he would never have achieved anything close to Metapotence and would have lived out his life normally.

      So its still an example of Author Authority controlling the lives of its creations.

      Authors can do whatever they want. 

      Also we don't honestly know if this is the last time 3812 will encounter Djkaktus (since Ben went silent after his discussion/argument with Sam), so who knows what will happen in the future of the meta-narrative.

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  • You can see what the original page looked like here-

    Just click the expand button on the bottom of the page and scroll down.

    The known users for the power were- Empty Hand, SCP-3812, The Law of Identity, Mother Night, Great Attractor and the Nameless Mist

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    • Well sure I completely agree but if that’s the case then if it really isn’t anything why would it be listed as users of certain powers like omnipotence for example?

      I don’t think one really needs to be something to be a user of Omni transcendence. Sort of like Self-Nonexistence or something like that.

      Which if it’s looked upon like that then it wouldn’t really be a power at all. Just like how omnipotence is a state of being not a power, omni transcendence could be The same way.

      That’s just my idea of how the power should be though.

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    • Also you should realize that Azathoth exists within the framework/canvas that Yog-Sothoth represents.

      But the Nameless Mist doesn't. that places it on equal standing with Azathoth. So even if Azathoth created it, without the Nameless Mist's creatign Yog-Sothoth it wouldn't even exist anywhere, even a void.

      When they say everything is in and on Yog-Sothoth, their not speaking metaphorically

      The Nameless Mist is the only thing that doesn't exist within Yog-Sothoth in the Cthuhlu Mythos.

      That makes its place in existence undefinable. Because of that. its impossible to call it only nigh omnipotent. While we have no idea what happens when Azathoth actually wakes up, because of its unique standing in the design of the existence, we cannot call it less than Azathoth.

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  • The limitation doesn't apply to Numerical Transcendence, because numerical values are considered essentially meaningless.

    Infinity and Zero mean the exact same thing to the user, so trying to apply a limitation regarding whether or not they can understand their power doesn't really make a sense. Since its a literal none issue for them.

    The power doesn't have limitations, so please stop trying to think of ones for it. Especially ones that cannot and do not apply based on the overall capabilities.

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    • Besides, if that limitation did apply then they wouldn't really be transcending all numerical values after all.

      So it defeats the entire purpose of the power.

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    • I posted a reply on the page.

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