The Holder Of True Omnipotence

aka The One Above All

  • I live in I'm Omnipresent and Omnilocked soooooo...
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Being Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent (as well as being Omnilocked)
  • I am Omnipotence
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  • How can you be born on September 17, if you are the holder of "true omnipotence"? An omnipotent being cannot be born or killed, SO HOW WERE YOU BORN ON SEPTEMBER 17?????

    By the way, this is a joke....

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  • Wait, wait wait wait... let me look at this again.

    "Physical non-absolute Invulnerability's 1# weakness is literally this power, what you said makes sense with Absolute invulnerability, but not the normal one, as AI is perfect while normal Invulnerability isn't and can be bypassed."

    Actually, from what Invulnerability is, the physical body is impervious to physical damage. Out of Peak Human, Enhanced, to Supernatural Durability, Invulnerability is actually also called Absolute Durability. So as I did say they are impervious in the sense of just their body, this means their durability/bodily density is infinite.

    Think about it for a minute; if a user with Absolute Strength goes against a user of Absolute Durability/Invulnerability, what'll the end result be? What do you think?

    From a more logical standpoint, due to them being both limitless, the latter will be unharmed and also unfazed. This is what I mean of an unstoppable force vs. an indestructible object. That's the whole point of adding this limitation, and logically so.

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