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Happy Tuesday, Zatalliya! INACTIVITY NOTICE: I will be gone from 8/5/2020 to the 16th or 17th. Message me here AND Discord (or ask another admin to reach me there) if you absolutely need my attention. Chances are, another administrator can help you out, like...

Welcome to my message wall! 

I'd much rather talk to you on Discord! Add me here.  Jess#1144


  • I'm a full-time university student and a full-time employee. This is a delicate balance that means I'll usually be on my phone.
  • It's she.
  • I prefer to voice chat on Tuesdays. If you need to call me on Discord, that's when. Coronavirus f*cked up my times. Just msg me.
  • Discord is my preferred communication method.
  • English. Though I've been in the States for years, I'm Taiwanese. My English isn't perfect.
  • If my coding is f*cked, let me know before you try and fix it yourself. Chances are, I'm working on it already.
    • I cannot properly answer your coding questions. I learned from the internet.
    • I wrote it like that because it looks good.
  • It's okay to not be an expert. If you need clarification on something (no matter how inane you may think it is), I will never be upset with you.
    • I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • Telepathy is intrusive and Mind Control is a violation of bodily autonomy. Don't debate me on this.
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  • Take care while you are away. Good luck and stay safe.

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  • I just created Hero Creation, as someone else created Villain Creation. While the user thinks Hero Creation may use some changes, as in being more of a transformation power, he says Villain Creation is already covered by Malevolence Release, and here is why as I quote him.

    "A villain is anyone whose malevolent and evil aspects/traits are externalized to the degree that they have no regard for anyone but themselves and their own actions. Being a villain is simple, it doesn't require any transformation or creation powers.

    Malevolence Release already covers villain creation.

    Heroes are a little more complicated, as its not simple about being benevolent as heroes can come in any variety and form. They don't all have to be justified as being pure.(it why the Anti-Hero trope exists)

    Villains are so easy to find and a dime a dozen, that you honestly don't need to transform anyone. If you can convince or persuade someone to be a villain, than that's it. Its all it honestly takes.

    You can see why its considered neither."

    What do you think? If Villain Creation is not good enough, by the way, I might consider deleting, or seeing Hero Creation deleted to go along with Villain Creation's deletion.

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  • Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if I could get Ventrikinetic Combat out of the “Not a Power” category on the grounds that it uses the same concept as Pygakinetic Combat and Pectukinetic Combat, being that it’s a variation of physical combat utilizing a specific or unorthodox part/aspect of the body and those powers aren’t in that category (I don’t even know why we have this category in the first place).

    I expressed this to SageM who placed it in the category but he hasn’t responded to my comments and refuses to let me remove it from the category.

    Thank You.

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    • Or we could create a page for general body part-specific combat and keep the pages as variations as we have done for many other powers on the site.

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    • We're discussing it now on the wiki, and that seems to be the consensus of the moment - to make something like Unorthodox Martial Arts to cover all of those and then to merge the others into that one.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. Do you mind blocking Baileydavis again?  they are once again trying to circumvent their block and is now being a bother to other users.

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  • How exactly are we defining the new traits category?

    Since some of the moved pages are really more along the lines of techniques for powers, rather the traits of them.

    It seems pretty difficult to judge what powers fall into that new category and which ones are valid for the mainspace.

    Especially since in some cases the traits can still be considered valid powers depending on fictional source or writer in question.

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    • I'm currently discussing with the administration about how these things will work. I kind of understand where you might find this confusing, but we're working on a Manual of Style for this and archetypes as well (which I hope will clear everything up).

      Everything moved (by Holokami, mostly) has been a trait of a power, since techniques would be directly related to the parent power. Things that sound like techniques, but can apply to any ability, are most likely traits.

      Also, could you provide some examples on what you meant by ...

      > "Especially since in some cases the traits can still be considered valid powers depending on fictional source or writer in question."

      ...this? I'm not sure what you mean.

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    • Hit from Dragon Ball Super is a good example of a trait being considered a valid power all on its own (via Intangible Attacks)

      Since Hits power literally works by making it intangible or unavoidable.

      To him its not a technique or trait, rather its how his power functions.

      In that series, it defined as being one of the most basic of his assassination powers. rather than an underlying trait.

      Another example would be if a users only valid  or available power/skill is something that would be considered a trait of the powers of someone else.

      In which case it wouldn't be a trait, as the user has no other powers to with which to apply it too.

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    • Is there any way to re-enable the comments for the new traits and archetype pages?

      Since posting messages on a talk section isn't really an effective means of communication for people who have questions about the power.

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    • Sadly, comments aren't supported. I'll keep looking into it until I get a definite answer on what I can do with them or not.

      Also, for Hit, isn't...that just intangibility?

      Edit: Invisible energy beams are energy beams that are invisible. Invisibility is the trait that said energy beam has.

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  • Greetings. Hope you are well and safe. I had an idea that has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to see if you thought is was okay. It would be Body Meridian Manipulation. It would be related to Pressure Point Manipulation and the Life-Force Manipulation areas (aura, chi, spiritual energy). Where PPM deals with the nodes/points of influence/release of energy and L-FM and its associates deal with the actual energy, this would deal with the energy pathways that flow through the body. It is similar to Chakra Point Manipulation, except the pathways are more like one's vascular system rather than specifically-aligned vortices. One could widen them, close them, enhance their flow, diminish them, distort them, etc. I have users:

    Energybenders and Healers from Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra.

    Uryu Ishida from Bleach when he uses Heilig Pfeil to sever his opponent's spiritual system.

    Yuan Technique Users from Yuan Zun

    Chakra Pathway Network Users from Naruto.

    Does this sound okay to you? Take care and thanks for your time.

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    • I'll see what can be done. I could just copy it onto a page creation template but I'll see what can be done.

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    • I just copied it to make a new page. Would you be able to delete the blog I made? Wasn't sure about what could be done. Hope this is okay.

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  • You should know that Baileydavis290 is just one sockpuppet account for a user that has made HUNDREDS.

    There shouldn't even really be any discussion regarding the block. The user will always try to circumvent the block by making another account later on.

    He really isn't allowed back anymore. 

    If you check the block log you will see all the different sockpuppet accounts he made. He has no intention of following the rules of the wikia, he has made that perfectly clear in the past and to the other staff members.

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    • I'm well aware. 

      But don't you think that maybe asking the user why they keep socking is better than wasting staff members' time blocking BaileyDavis for the 2850th time? I'm hoping that they can find some peace and stop pestering us.

      Please stop jumping to conclusions based on messages I leave on other users' walls. It is quite irritating.

      And the decision on the block (if there was going to be one instead of just helping them find peace), would be between me and other staff, not you.

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  • Hi. Can you reupload the special being page to your blog because im doing college essay I I need because that is my primary source of inspiration

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  • The coding for Electricity Manipulation is broken.

    The page cannot be restored back to its original status no matter how many times (or how far back) you undo the page.

    The user Legoboi200 somehow broke the coding for the entire page with his edits and now the only thing we can do is scrap the page and remake it again.

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  • Hi, can you please delete Handicapped Prime? Its a recreation of Handicapability, which was deleted before because it doesn't fit the new rules for page/power definitions.

    Its really nothing more then a weakness, not a power.

    They keep arguing about keeping the page, even though the user didn't have permission to recreate it in the first place.

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    • The page was removed for the reason that it was a trope and that it wasn't as superpower-specific as the power that describes using powers to supplant handicaps -- Disability Compensation.

      We do have an Archetype namespace where this might be able to find a home. The only thing is, I would need the page to describe an Archetype rather than "The user has the power to be at peak status despite a disability." With those changes (and maybe a name change too?), I would have no problem moving it over to the Archetype namespace. Once those changes are completed, I'm going to run it by other staff and we'll take it from there. Sounds good?

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    • Sounds fair. I’ll go make the necessary changes.

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