"We all have a purpose, Peter. We all have a role to play. This, fortunately or unfortunately is yours..."
― The One-Above-All (Marvel Comics)

The ability to add existence at the meta levels. Specialized variation of Omnipotence. Perfect version of Existence Manipulation. Opposite to Nonexistence. Not to be confused with Absolute Existence.

Also Called

  • Anti-Nonexistence
  • Existence Addition
  • Meta Addition
  • Meta Existence Inducement
  • Omnipotent Existence Manipulation


User can add absolutely anything and everything into existence at the omnipotent levels, without any exception or justifications whatsoever.

There are two fundamental categories in adding: total and selective. Used in total creation, the power can have the same effect as Totality Manipulation, infinitely add any existence to any nonexisting void. If used on selective however, the effect is more subdued to Origin Manipulation, perfectly matching the added creation while bypassing reality and logic without justification. For example, adding the concept of "door" would not only add the door, but also give it an own origin, perfectly corresponding to a wall and nobody would have ever notice that it was their by the user's choice.

User can phenomenally dedicate the "efficiency" in the existence by adding any or all levels to the existence. For example, by adding physical levels the physical existence will have complete and flawless qualities ideally by their physically functions, and adding the spiritual level will give the soul the perfect qualities of its own existence independently. In both cases, the flawless mixture of soul and body is potentially inevitable through advance abilities, since ideal information defines their concept (axioms) are tethered to the imagination of the user. Adding their conceptual levels to the existing cosmos can weaver concepts existential foundation to exist independently on their leaving possibilities of later self-restoration. Similarly, the adding can be limited to the present alone, preserving previous history, or include the past as well, exhaustively adding traces and memory of its existence, like it was always their.

Nature Of This Power

Meta Existence is a specialized variation of Omnipotence: having the same unlimited/infinite/absolute power, but focuses all of it on the pure in the addition of anything into existence acting as counter measure against any form of nonexistence. Due to the omnipotent nature of meta existence it can have a grand category absolutely focused in adding into existence without absolutely no limits making every creation inevitably constructed making it impossible for it not to be brought into existence.

Meta Existence self-represents the concept of the Big Bang : inevitable and irreversible, leaving no corner of void unfilled.





Advanced Applications:





  • May need to be clearly ideal with adding into existence.
  • Destruction powers can compensate superficial adding via Nonexistence.

Known Users


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