The power to possess anything/everything. Ultimate version of Possession.

Also Called

  • Absolute Possession
  • Omni-Possession


User can possess or take over anything, including the living, the dead, objects, animals, plants, locations, powers, attacks, energy, and abstract/conceptual forces etc., and bypass/ignore Possession Immunity. Users may or may not have to leave their own body for this to take place. Disembodied users such as spirits may use the body as their own.




  • May be weak against Exorcism and Purification.
  • Overtaken targets may be able to fight back for their bodies.
  • May need to focus to return to original body.
  • May have to touch the target for transfer to be made.
  • May only be able to use another's body with the victim's permission.
  • May need to switch often in order to preserve their life.
  • May kill the host in the process by "crushing" them from the inside.
  • May die if the host is destroyed/killed.
  • The inhabitant's actual body may be vulnerable to attack and the inhabitant may die or become trapped in the host if the possessor's body is damaged/destroyed beyond repair.
  • Users of Indomitable Will are either resistant or immune.
  • May not have control over the body, but simply influence the host with Mind Control.
  • May cause damage to the host (sheer power, physiology rejection, etc.).
  • Omni Purification

Known Users

  • World (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Destination)
  • Dreamy Luigi (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)
  • Kou (Spirit Migration)
  • Tak (Stephen King's Desperation)
  • Mario (Super Mario Odyssey); via Cappy
  • Jealousy (The Amazing World Of Gumball)
  • Astral Projection Soul (The Magicians)
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics)


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