The ability to create supernatural abilities without limit. Perfect form of Ability Creation. Sub-power of Meta Probability Manipulation and Meta Power Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Meta/Pata Power Creation
  • Power of Powers


User can create any ability without any limitation and bestow it upon themselves, as well as others. They can notably create enhanced versions of existing abilities or specific countermeasures for any of them, and accumulate an unlimited number of abilities without any side-effect. Users can even take it further and thoroughly customize a power, like designing a power to only harm a certain thing or activate after a certain condition.



Known Users

  • Daisy (Big Order)
  • Array (Gold Digger)
  • Kogarashi (Kamen no Maid Guy)
  • The King (Magical Girl Site); as the creator and source of the Stick's powers
  • Shiranui Hanten (Medaka Box)
  • Creasion (Senyu)