The ability to banish anything without limit. Perfect version of Banishment. Opposite to Meta Summoning.

Also Called

  • Boundless Banishment
  • World Rejector (A Certain Magical Index)


User can banish any and every kind of object or entity, with any traits and abilities of any level from anywhere/everywhere. They can banish them to other dimensions, other realities, other timelines, other points, in time, etc., possibly even from the Omniverse altogether. Anything from abilities, traits, people, animals, properties, objects and even gods and everything else in-between can be affected by this power.




  • Limited to banishment, cannot directly affect the world.
  • Users of Meta Power Immunity/Omnilock who already exist cannot be banished or controlled.

Known Users

  • Kamisato Kakeru (A Certain Magical Index); via World Rejector
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