The ability to alter events (past, present and future) of any dimension, universe and/or reality, even if they are outside the time-stream the user is in. Sub-power of Meta Probability Manipulation and Meta Time Manipulation. Perfect version of Event Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Event Manipulation
  • Multiversal Event Manipulation
  • Omniversal Event Manipulation
  • Quantum Event Manipulation


Like Event Manipulation, this power can alter the events of a person, place, thing or reality. However, unlike normal Event Manipulation, which only allows for manipulation of events of realities under the same timestream, this power can not only do the same thing, but can affect universes, dimensions and realities outside the user's timestream. No matter how different or strange the other universe, dimension or reality may be, the user can control their events.

With this power, the user can have different universes outside the user's timestream interact with each other, or with the universe the user is currently in. They can change the progression of events in their timestream or outside it, causing them to make things happen or not happen, such as wars, stellar events, massacres, births, deaths, or any different kind of event there may be in their dimension or another.





  • May need Omniscience/Nigh Omniscience to accurately know the events and how what may happens if the user changes them.
  • May be limited to manipulating the events of only a specific number of different universes, realities and dimensions other then their own.
  • May need Dimensional Travel to be able to go to other dimensions and realities the user may want to affect.
  • May cause Total Event Collapse unless user is careful.
  • Users of Omnilock/Meta Power Immunity are immune.

Known Users

  • Child-Unit Beyonder (Marvel Comics)
  • Time Devourer (Chrono Cross)
  • John Egbert (Homestuck)
  • Kagari (Rewrite)
  • Daniel (Shemhamphorash)
  • Taiji (Super Robot Wars)
  • Takuya Arima (YU-NO)

Known Locations

  • Beyond-Realm (Marvel Comics)
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