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"And time stopped. The atmosphere had plummeted several times in the ten odd minutes since everything had begun, but this time, it was on an entirely different level. The air didn't grow cold...It just stopped. Completely. The man who stepped into the manor then seemed to deny the very passage of time, seeming to take away not the air in their lungs but their very time itself. Even though he hadn't actually done anything except appear."
― Maria Barcelito describing Ronny Schiatto (Baccano)
"And still she thirsted, and going to the Wells of Varda she drank them dry; but Ungoliant belched forth black vapours as she drank, and swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that Melkor was afraid."
― The Silmarillion
"Deep asleep is the king in me, the tyrants of earth will bow down, to this raging child. Empty vessels of this world will fear my name."
― The Enigma TNG - God Complex (Unused Lyrics)
"Fear is powerful, confusing what is real!"
― Linkin Park - Crawling Demo

The power to induce absolute horror in absolutely anyone. Perfect version of Fear Inducement.

Also Called

  • Absolute Fear/Panic/Terror Inducement
  • Meta Panic/Terror Inducement
  • Omni-Fear/Panic/Terror Inducement


The user can induce absolute horror in absolutely anyone, regardless of how powerful they are, transcendent beings or users of Apathy, Fear Immunity, Fear Masking, Indomitable Will, and Tranquil Fear.




Known Users

See Also: The Dreaded and Supernatural Fear Inducer and Horrifying The Horror.

  • Erebus Shajad (Anima: Beyond Fantasy)
  • Ronny Schiatto (Baccano)
  • Toepick (Ben 10: Omniverse); when his face is revealed
  • Nyx (Camp Half Blood series)
  • Tartarus (Camp Half Blood series)
  • Grand Zeno/Omni-King (Dragon Ball series)
  • Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Typhon (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Nyx/Nox (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Lord English (Homestuck)
  • Old Lady/Granny Hempstock (The Ocean At the End of The Lane); when revealing her true form
  • Lily Carnation (One Piece)
  • Talking Cat (Rick & Morty)
  • Neverwere (SCP Foundation)
  • SCP-2006 - Too Spooky (SCP Foundation)
  • Lilith (The Secret World)
  • Magic God (Teen Titans Go!)
  • Monkey King Bambina (Toriko); via his unsealed form
  • Vigilent (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Abnormalities (Lobotomy Corporation)

Known Locations

  • Mansion of Night (Percy Jackson)
  • Micmac Burial Ground (Pet Cemetery)

Known Objects

  • Helm of Hades/Helm of Darkness (Riordan Verse)
  • Left-Hand of Horror/Horror's Hand (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)