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"Music transcends all of us."
― Robin (Teen Titans Go!)

The power to manipulate music without any limits. Perfect version of Music Manipulation and Conceptual Music. The musical form of Author Authority.

Also Called

  • Absolute Music Manipulation
  • Divine Music
  • Music Authority


User can manipulate music without any limit, allowing them to manipulate the world and beyond as if it were simply a theme/notes/verse of a song along with its aspects. They can create epics through their music/musical themes and can control the principles of the world they create or live in, along with the infinite possibilities. Allowing them to view the world as a singular grand/great song that all things are mere notes, tones, or harmonies in.

Since this music is capable of doing or affecting anything/everything, user don't require a central medium for the music/songs to transmit through.




Known Users

  • Naija (Aquaria); via the Verse
  • Ihy (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Weavers (Loom)
  • Rin (Lost Song)
  • Eru Iluvatar (The Silmarillion)
  • Azathoth's Court Musicians (Cthulhu Mythos)

Known Powers

  • The Verse (Aquaria)