"You hide your powers well, but you'll find them useless against me."
― Ryde to Boomer. (Children of the Halo: Engines of Creation)
"You were no match for my powers. But then, who is?"
― Invoker, whilst taunting defeated opponents. (Dota 2)

The power to manifest absolutely any kind of power to counteract other powers. Sub-power of Superior Adaptation and Meta Power Manipulation. Technique of Complete Arsenal. Ultimate variation of Power Opposition.

Also Called

  • Absolute Counter/Counteraction/Nemesis Power
  • Meta Counter/Counteraction/Nemesis Power
  • Absolute/Meta/Omni/Ultimate Power Domination/Opposition


The user can manifest absolutely any power imaginable to counteract any of the abilities that their opponents possibly have. In terms of differentiation, regular Power Opposition would only be able to manifest a limited amount of abilities at a time, while this one can bestow the user a selective amount of opposite and counteractive powers possible to counteract the other person’s abilities.

Another difference is that this version can bestow the user absolutely any counteractive power of any level, for example, obtaining Primordial Water Manipulation to counteract Primordial Fire Manipulation, obtain either regular or Absolute Invulnerability to counteract Absolute Strength, etc. This ability is similar to Meta Ability Creation, except the user gains absolutely any kind of opposite power to turn the tables against the enemies.

Using combat sense and cooperation to take the user down is almost futile, as he/she would simply be able to develop more and more opposite and counteractive abilities against groups of enemies.


  • Absolute Change to self in reaction to others powers.
  • Absolute Combat as a result of both creating and obtaining a selective amount of counteractive/opposite powers they possibly acquire during battle.
  • It can be used to defend against the other person's power.
  • The user can develop powers to counteract absolutely any obstacle around the user.
  • Can turn the tide of a battle.
  • Meta Ability Creation: limited to opposite/counteractive powers.
  • Power Mixture by combining manifested counteractive abilities.
  • Self-Adaptive Power
  • Useful against multiple power holders having both passive and active ability counters.




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