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The power to reflect absolutely any/all powers back against back the target. Sub-power of Meta Power Manipulation. Absolute version of Power Reflection.

Also Called

  • Absolute Attack/Power Rebound/Reflection/Reversal
  • Meta Attack/Power Rebound/Reversal
  • Omni Attack/Power Rebound/Reflection/Reversal


Users can reflect any/all powers and abilities that are used against them without being harmed or affected regardless of their nature, type or level of power, including conceptual powers or even totality/omnipresential attacks.

This serves as an absolutely unbeatable and unstoppable form of self-defense and counter-attack, allowing the user to reflect any/every power that is used on them and turn it against their target without fail.



Known Users

  • Scalamagdrion (AD&D)
    • Ningulfim
  • Users of Physical Mirror (Forgotten Realms)
  • Naofumi Iwatani (Rising of the Shield Hero)

Known Objects

  • Doomgiver (Book of Swords)

Known Powers

  • Physical Mirror (Forgotten Realms)