"You have no idea how much I can hurt you, human. Do not test my patience."
― Bernkastel
"An infinity-sided die."
"Woah... that's so cool. And... impossible!"
"Infinite sides means infinite outcomes. If I rolled it, anything could happen. Our faces could melt into jelly. The world could turn into an egg. Or you could just roll an eight. Who knows."
― Ford Pines and Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)

The power to manipulate any and all probabilities. Sub-power of Reality Warping. Perfect version of Probability Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Probability Manipulation
  • Perfect Tychokinesis
  • Quantum Probability Manipulation


User can manipulate any probability, regardless of its nature or scale. This includes quantum probabilities (which relate to the arrangement of, and interaction between microscopic entities) and those of a metaphysical nature (which are essentially the abstract or non-material equivalent of quantum probability).

In practice, the user can achieve any result assuming that it is possible (logically achievable) given the rules that define the setting (world) they are in. Since this is the case, the user might need to understand what makes something possible to achieve it.







Known Users

Known Objects

Known Locations

  • The Netherworld (Toji no Miko: Katana Maidens)




Alternate Realities

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