The power to exhale a variety vapors of obscuring noxious fumes. Also known as Miasma Breathing, Gas Exudation or Toxic Spraying.


Users with the ability are able to exude toxic gases at will, through skin pores or by exhalation. The user can utilize various effects on others who inhale these fumes (hyper stimulation, lethargy, coma). The gas diffuses indefinitely in concentration, becoming less potent and less concentrated once it has expanded.

Middle skilled users are able to produce molecular strcutues (i.e. oxygen, carbon monoxide, concentrated carbon dioxide, chlorine vapors).


  • Most users expel miasma orally.
  • Some can even generate gases from their skin.
  • Others can exude gas from their tears.


  • User may be incapable of singling secreted chemical.
  • Gas is not always toxic.
  • Sometimes incapable of bodily harm.


Some may only possess the power of:

Nerve-Gas Emission

  • The power in which one’s perspiration glands secretes nerve gas when the user is under stress, in which they are immune to. Inhalation of this gas causes subjects to have pupil contraction, convulsions, involuntary evacuation, and seized respiratory system.


  • "Hazard Breath": May disperse thick smog to escape danger or choke foes.

Known Users

Miasma Emission

  • Tina Ramirez (Heroes)
  • Puff (Static Shock). She may also possess Acid Generation.
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