The power to travel through shrinking. Technique of Size Manipulation. Lesser version of Shrink Warping

Also Called

  • Microportation
  • Minutia Riding
  • Particle Transport
  • Subatomic Surfing


User can transport themselves by scaling down to the micro-level and riding faster than light particle forms, i.e., photons, quarks, neutrinos, cellular matter, etc.

While at the size of an dust mote one can tame any free forming bacteria to act as a mount to traverse upon, or at smaller scales such as the subatomic to particle levels they can simply ride any free forming molecular drift in order to get from place to place.





  • Taming bacterial forms may be difficult.
  • Riding particles is tricky.
  • Navigation at minuscule size makes it harder to plot a proper coarse.

Known Users

  • Atom (DC Comics)
  • Atomica (DC Comics)
  • Ant-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • The Wasp (Marvel Comics)
  • Maul (Wildstorm Comics)


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