The power to generate milk. Sub-power of Milk Manipulation. Variation of Organic Generation, Food Generation, and Drink Generation.

Also Called

  • Lactogenesis
  • Milk Creation/Production
  • Supernatural Lactation


The user can generate milk, whether by drawing from already existing milk (theirs, others or separate from the bodies), or by manifesting it from anywhere they want.

Note: This ability represents the generation of milk beyond what is naturally possible for any human to do (via natural/normal lactation).





  • May not be able control the generated milk.
  • May only be able to produce a certain amount of milk at a time.
  • May not be able to produce flavor varieties (chocolate, strawberry, banana, etc.)

Known Users

  • Hesat (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Ice Cream Monster (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  • Cow (Cow and Chicken)
  • Miranda Cates (Hemlock Grove)
  • Kaede (Hininden Gausu)
  • Miko Mido (La Blue Girl)
  • Milk (Marvel Comics)
  • Holstaur (Monster Girl Encyclopedia)
  • Minotaurs (Monster Musume)
  • Pan (Monster Musume)
  • Sakra (Nectar of Dharani)
  • Charlotte Galette (One Piece); via Bata Bata no Mi
  • Charlotte Opera (One Piece); via Kuri Kuri no Mi
  • Alcremie (Pokémon)
  • Pokémon using Milk Drink (Pokémon)
  • Melona (Queen's Blade)
  • Maria (The Qwaser of Stigmata)
  • Eric Cartman (South Park); Pre-Kidney Transfer
  • Kyle Brovlovski (South Park); Post-Kidney Transfer
  • Milk Whale (Toriko)

Known Objects

  • Dairy Product Magisword (Mighty Magiswords)
  • Milk Fruit (Toriko)

Known Locations

  • Milk Cave (Toriko)


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