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* Jazz Hands (''Totally Spies!'')
* Jazz Hands (''Totally Spies!'')
* Mime (''Ladybug''/''Miraculous Ladybug'')
* Mime (''Ladybug''/''Miraculous Ladybug'')
Tumblr_ma5wjakIfO1qistl5o1_400.gif|Just ''mimicking'' a detonation plunger...
Tumblr_ma5wjakIfO1qistl5o2_400.gif|Blows this building to pieces...

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The ability to create effects based on the event or action acted out by the user. A combination of Reality Warping and Clown Physiology.

Also Called

  • Imitation
  • Mime Effect/Miming Effect
  • Mime Power/Miming Power
  • Mimicry/Miming/Mimesis
  • Pantomime
  • Pantomimic Effect/Pantomimic Power
  • Pantomimicry/Pantomiming


The user of this ability could hold his index finger and thumb like a gun, and actually shoot someone. They wouldn't literally shoot a bullet out of their finger, but instead the body's thought waves, or "imagination," solidify into a "bullet" and penetrate the target. Some users can even actually see the constructs they create, even though others cannot (unless they have Illusory Energy Perception or some form of ESP).


  • Constructs Creation
    • Shoot people with an imaginary gun.
    • Bind foes with imaginary chains.
    • Burn someone's face with an imaginary lighter or pouring acid on their faces with an imaginary bottle of acid.
    • Literally, trap others in an invisible box (cage, etc).
    • Walking on imaginary platforms suspended in the air to imitate flight, or levitation.
    • Fall safely to the ground using an imaginary parachute.
    • Drive an imaginary car.
    • Can climb via an imaginary ladder.
    • Create an imaginary sword or dagger.
    • Lasso foes with an imaginary rope.
    • More experienced users can create an "imaginary friend" under their control to perform daily tasks, or even fight for the user.
  • User can perform Self-Sustenance by "eating" or "drinking" imaginary food, or water.
  • Escape from any prison by turning an imaginary latch or knob, making any wall into a door, or window.
  • Cure sickness by using imaginary medicine.
  • Keep warm by building an imaginary fire, or wearing an imaginary coat.
  • Blow foes away, or wipe foes out, by acting as out a tidal wave or a strong gust of wind.


  • Can only create something if one can imagine it.
  • Must have limbs free to produce desired effect.
  • Must know what action to perform, in order to produce the desired effect.
  • In some cases, it it requires the user not to make noise (and if he does, the power is temporarily disrupted)
  • Sometimes, the user's skin is rendered permanently white or gray and the hair rendered permanently black, even producing artificial face paint, and/or rendering the user mute (In such a case, the user would require a power like Telepathy or Empathy in order to communicate). Though, fortunately, in other cases, the transformation only lasts as long as the power is in use.

Known Users

  • Mr Mime (Pokémon)
  • Any Pokemon that can learn Barrier, Light screen and Reflect
  • Dee Dee (Dexter's Lab); from the episode "The Laughing"
  • The 'Mime Chip' enables people to use this power (Marvel)
  • Ronald McDonald (in the webcomic Dr. McNinja.)
  • Mimes (Final Fantasy)
  • Le Mime (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Blue Mages (Final Fantasy)
  • Red Mage (8-Bit Theater)
  • Jazz Hands (Totally Spies!)
  • Mime (Ladybug/Miraculous Ladybug)


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