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==Known Users==
==Known Users==
*Manaphy/Phione (''Pokemon'', via Heart Swap)
*Manaphy/Phione (''Pokemon'', via Heart Swap)
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The power to trade the minds of others or with oneself. Also known as Metempsychosis or Body Switching.


The user can swap mind with others by touching them, thus switching bodies.

At the user’s touch they possess their target, while the target vice-versa. If the user touches two people, they cause the two targets to switch bodies.

The power oddly remains with the user’s original conscious.



Swaping anatomical features.


  • Switch done by touch of hand


  • Can be involuntary.
  • May not allow to percieve memories of original/previous inhabiting mind.

Known Users

  • Manaphy/Phione (Pokemon, via Heart Swap)
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