The power to summon anything from the mind. Technique of Mental Manipulation. Variation of Summoning.

Also Called

  • Mental Summoning


The user can summon anything from any part of their mind; from memories to dreams to thoughts to imagination, and bring it to the real world for any sort of purpose.




  • Usually temporary.
  • Summoned creatures may have to find their own way back, which is likely to cause problems.
  • Summoning immensely large/heavy or powerful targets may take a mental toll on the user.
  • Summoning may not grant control over the summoned being.
  • Summoned entities may become uncontrollable and put the summoner and everyone else in the vicinity in danger.
  • May be limited to certain aspects of the mind.
  • May only summon a certain number of entities at a time.

Known Users

  • Ray Thompson (DC Animated Universe/Justice League)
  • Dwayne McCall (DC Animated Universe/Static Shock)
  • Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
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