The ability to induce mirages. Sub-power of Illusion Manipulation, Weather Manipulation and Optical Phenomena Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Fata Morgana Inducement
  • Heat Haze Inducement


The user can cause mirages, optical phenomena created by bending light rays. Unlike hallucinations, these can actually be caught on camera.


Mirages fall under two categories:

1) Inferior Image: A mirage that occurs when distant traveling light rays that pass through layers of air are bent. It is referred to as inferior because it occurs under a real object, like the sky. This type is unstable due to mixing layers of hot and cold air. (Ex: Heat Haze, an image of shimmering water on the hot ground).

2) Superior Image (Fata Morgana): A mirage that occurs when light rays pass through a temperature inversion (warm air set over top of cool air), causing them to bend downwards. It is referred to as superior as the image appears above the real object. It is rarer but much more stable. Most often seen in polar regions.




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