"I'm disappointed in you, Adrian. I'm very disappointed. Reassembling myself was the first trick I learned. It didn't kill Osterman. Did you really think it would kill me?"
― Doctor Manhattan to Ozymandias

The power to reconstruct anything on the molecular level. Sub-power of Molecular Manipulation. Opposite to Molecular Deconstruction.


The user can rebuild/reconstruct matter on the molecular level.



Known Users

  • Gopal (Boboiboy)
  • Doctor Manhattan (DC Comics)
  • Firestorm (DC Comics)
  • Highfather (DC Comics)
  • Shimmer (DC Comics)
  • Element Lad (DC Comics)
  • Joseph Meach/Composite Superman (DC Comics)
  • Kai Chisaki/Overhaul (My Hero Academia)
  • Ruby Rose (RWBY)

Known Objects

  • The Regeneration Cradle (Avengers: Age of Ultron)


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