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[[Category:Fire-Based Abilities]]
[[Category:Fire-Based Abilities]]
[[Category:Power with no known user]]

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Pouring molten metal into a mould

Molten Metal being poured into a mold.

Molten Metal Manipulation- The ability to create and manipulate metal heated into a near-fluid/molten state. Sub-power of Metal Manipulation and Heat Generation.


The user is able to manipulate metal in a unique way that involves keeping it heated and in a fluid state. Using advanced control over the metal, the user is able to change the temperature of the metal, rapidly cooling and heating in several times in one fight.


  • Create Constructs out of metal by attracting them and super-heating them into a molten state.
  • Project gobs of molten metal to harm targets.
  • Form barriers to melt incoming projectiles.
  • With practice, some form of thermokinesis over metal.
  • Magma Manipulation by manipulating molten minerals.
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