The ability to negate momentum. Sub-Power of Momentum Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Body Momentum Negation
  • Momentum Removal


The user can negate momentum, the property that determines how hard it is to stop an object. With this power, the user can change directing by shifting their momentum without having to overcome it, and they can stop in mid-air or on the ground suddenly. They can also ignore momentum of other objects and themselves, which allows them to not take damage from hitting something and not be pushed back a distance. They can also partially ignore momentum to damage something but not make it move and vice versa.




  • May be limited to affecting self, others or only objects.
  • Users of Juggernaut Momentum may be immune.

Known Users

  • Kotori Takatori (Brynhildr In The Darkness)
  • Speedball (Marvel Comics)
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