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*[[Emotion Manipulation]]
*[[Emotion Manipulation]]
*[[Mental Manipulation]]
*[[Mental Manipulation]]
*[[Morality Inversion]]

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The ability to manipulate the boundaries between right and wrong. A sub-power of Perception Manipulation. Not to be confused with Morality Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Moral Perception Manipulation
  • Moral/Immoral Manipulation


The user of this power can manipulate the basic concept of morality. They can change what is right into wrongdoing and something totally immoral could be made the right thing. For example the user could make it so committing genocide is perfect but healing someone in need would cause anger and hate.




  • Users of Morality Transcendence are immune.
  • Illusion or reality manipulators may revert changes.
  • Except morality, all manipulations are indirect (mental, emotional etc).
  • User is subject to the changes.

Known User

Known Objects

  • Moral Manipulation Machine (Soul Eater)
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