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[[Category:Mind Based Powers]]
[[Category:Mind Based Powers]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Neutral power]]

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"I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a good guy. I'M THE GUY..."
― Roman Reigns (WWE)
"Time to give it up, old man. You'll never get him on your side."
"But I don't have a side."
― Toffee and Glossaryck (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

The power to transcend the notions of right and wrong.

Also Called

  • Amorality
  • Transcendent Morality


The user is a being that transcends the notions of right and wrong, either because they don't apply to them or because their morality is alien to normal beings.



Known Users

  • Aleister Crowley (To Aru Majutsu No Index)
  • The Joker (Batman)
  • Zen-Oh (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Angels (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Weaver (Perdido Street Station)
  • Incubator (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
    • Kyubey
  • Amara/The Darkness (Supernatural)
  • The Childlike Empress (The Neverending Story)
  • Magane Chikujōin (Re:Creators)
  • Glossaryck (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
  • Balancer (Valkyrie Crusade)


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