"Captain, sensors are reading no particulate emissions or subspace field distortions."
"Then how is it able to move?"
― Lt Commander Data and Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: TNG)

The ability to "move" even when not moving.

Also Called

  • Motionless Movement (when still)
  • Movement Paradox
  • Multiplied Movement (when moving)


The user is able to practically move, even when they don't move. Though while they are not moving, their body acts like it is in motion. So they feel the wind move by them as if they are actually moving, though they are not. If the motion is going forward when the user is facing forward, they will still be hit by projectiles, but if the projectile is coming from other directions, they will miss because the user is "moving", and from behind, the projectile may not be able to reach the target before landing because the user is "moving". The user has their speed multiplied when they actually do move thanks to this power, and they might be able to create afterimages as well. The user also has control over what direction the body "moves" when still or moving, and sometimes at speed.

For example, if the user is standing still, and an opponent shoots from the side of the user, the projectile will miss the user because the user is "moving", and the projectile just passes by the user as if they were not there. From behind, the projectile would have a chance of falling to the ground sooner as if it ran out of momentum too soon and unable to make it to the user, depending if the user is "fast enough". For moving, the user's capable movement will be multiplied by the speed they were moving in when they were still, making them move faster than they normally would run. They are basically moving at a high speed as they are moving at a lower speed (which is multiplied to the high speed). As for the afterimages, the user can make an afterimage appear and move in one direction while the user actually moves in another, which is usually good for feinting opponents.





  • Users' physical state affects this power.
  • Though the body moves, the user will not be able to actually reach another destination when still.
  • May knock things over or harm them accidentally with their still "movement"

Known Users

  • Zekka (Battle Angel Alita: Last Order)
  • Seches (Battle Angel Alita: Last Order)
  • Regis Gilben (Clarence)
  • Satanic Kittens/The EVIL (Sluggy Freelance)
  • Yaiba Kurogane (Yaiba)
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