The power to perform a multiplying dash. Variation of Dashing.

Also Called

  • Multiplied Dash/Dashing


The user can perform a multiplying dash, meaning the dash doubles, triples, etc. in magnitude within any duration of time (like half a second to a full second), all done in one, single dash. In other words, the user goes faster dash-wise for every specified amount of time. The multiplying of the dash may be done any number of times (though usually a small number like three or five) after the dash is initiated. After the multiplying finishes, the dash itself finishes. Unlike Infinite Dash, which has the user do more than one dash, this power has the user's dash multiply within one dash alone.



  • May be unable to change directions while performing the dashes.
  • May be tiring.

Known Users

  • Lion (Steven Universe)
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