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*[[Meta Crafting]]
*[[Meta Crafting]]
*[[Multiverse Destruction]]
*[[Multiverse Destruction]]
*[[Multiversal Force Manipulation]]
*[[Omega Reality]]
*[[Omni-Element Manipulation]]
*[[Omni-Element Manipulation]]

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The ability to manipulate everything within the multiverse. Advanced form of Universal Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Multikinesis
  • Multiverse Manipulation/Control


The user can manipulate the entire multiverse and everything within.





  • May become powerless in alternate multiverses or in areas outside their multiverse.
  • The user might be greatly weakened if their multiverse is destroyed.
  • Cannot affect users of Omnilock.

Known Users

  • Celestialsapiens (Ben 10)
  • Alien X (Ben 10)
  • Lord Chaos (Chaos! Comics)
  • Great Old Ones (The Dark Tower)
  • 5th Dimensional Imps (DC Comics)
  • Anti-Monitor (DC Comics)
  • Moniter (DC Comics)
  • The Presence/Source (DC Comics)
  • The Beyonders (Marvel Comics)
  • Infinity and Eternity (Marvel Comics)
  • White Phoenix of the Crown (Marvel Comics)
  • The One Above All (Marvel Comics)
  • The Great Will (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • Supreme God Z (Super Robot Wars)


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