The power to project emotions based on the songs one plays. Sub-power of Musical Empathy.


The user is capable of projecting emotions onto others by playing music; for example, songs such as nursery rhymes may calm others.



Known Users

  • Shrade Elan (Aquarion Evol)
  • Reyvateils (Ar Tonelico)
  • Ihy (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Iela (Epic Seven); via Iela Violin
  • Emma Coolidge (Heroes)
  • Chris Coolidge (Heroes)
  • Melody (HunterXHunter); via her Nen
  • Kahoko Hino (La Corda d'Oro)
  • Mermaid Princesses (Mermaid Melody)
  • Prismriver Sisters (Touhou)
  • Musa (Winx Club)
  • Chief Bethany (The Octo-Fairies)
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