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*Elune (''Valkyrie Crusade'')
*Elune (''Valkyrie Crusade'')
*Ping (''Valkyrie Crusade'')
*Ping (''Valkyrie Crusade'')
*Melody (''Hunter x Hunter'')
==Known Objects==
==Known Objects==

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The power to heal by using music/songs. Sub-power of Music Manipulation. Variation of Sonic Healing.


User can heal themselves or others by playing different music/songs. Depending on how the music/song is played it can heal in many different ways, including accelerating healing or regeneration, instant recovery, causing sleep that can speed healing, etc.




Known Users

  • Shrade Elan (Aquarion Evol)
  • Nikki (Chrono Cross); via Song of Marbule
  • Azmaria Hendric (Chrono Crusade)
  • Aria (Dog Days)
  • Millhiore Filianno Biscotti (Dog Days)
  • Luna Noa (Lunar: Silver Star Story)
  • Lúcio Correia dos Santos (Overwatch)
  • Alice (Pokemon: Rise of Darkrai); via Oracion
  • Princess Sailor Moon (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)
  • Piccolo (Super Paper Mario)
  • Elune (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Ping (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Melody (Hunter x Hunter)

Known Objects

  • Space-Time Towers (Pokemon: Rise of Darkrai)


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