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The power to be a mutated demon. Variation of Mutated Monster Physiology. Opposite to Mutated Angel Physiology and Superior Demon Physiology.

Also Called

  • Demonic Mutant Physiology
  • Demon-Mutant Physiology


The user is a demon that has been mutated into a monstrous aberration of what they should be, or are a fusion of demon and mutant, having the powers of both. Mutant demons are the direct opposite of Meta-demons, which happen to have possessed powers through natural genetic or modification even if mutations are relatively minor. Mutated demons however, are severely mutated yet have lost their physiology.

Such mutated demons can be mistaken as true demons but are distinguished by the fact they are stated to originate as mutated members of a non-demon species (though said mutation may have been caused by a demon or similar evil entity in the past).



Known Users

  • Demon Realm Mutants (Dragon Ball Series)
    • Fu
    • Mira
  • Demonic Namekians/Dark Vassals (Dragon Ball Series)
    • Tambourine
    • Piano
    • Cymbal
    • Drum
    • Ukelele
  • Super Devils (High School DxD)
    • Sirzechs Lucifer
  • Neyaphem (Marvel Comics)
    • Azazel
    • Ginniyeh
    • Jillian
    • Ophis
    • Ydrazil
  • Demons (Mutant Genetic Gladiator)