The ability to regenerate from a wound at the cost of mutating after regeneration. Unstable form and variation of Adaptive Regeneration. Combination of Regenerative Healing Factor and Genetic Mutation.

Also Called

  • Mutative Healing Factor
  • Regenerative Mutation
  • G-Evolution (Resident Evil 2)


The user possesses such extreme regeneration that allows them regenerate from even the most serious of wounds at the cost of mutating after each regeneration. These mutations are variable, as some can become just more resilient to damage, while others can even mutatively adapt to counter the damage, becoming bigger, much stronger and highly resilient/immune to the received damage.

However, as a result of rapid genetic regeneration, the user could gain some side effects. These can be going insane or even into berserk state, as a result of from the reconfiguration of their physical form. Some can also uncontrollably mutate, becoming much bigger immobile form and possibly vulnerable to damage.





  • The user may be incapable of choosing what they mutate into or become unstable.
    • Mutations may be permanent.
    • Continuous regeneration may lead to more disfiguring mutation cumulatively.
  • Usage may lead to mentality degeneration, making user become feral state or even go insane and thus make them less intelligent.

Known Users


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