The power to manipulate mythic energy. Sub-power of Mythic Force Manipulation. Variation of Energy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Cryptid Energy Control/Manipulation
  • Metaphysical Force Control/Manipulation
  • Monsterous Energy Manipulation
  • Mythi-Ergokinesis
  • Supernatural Force Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate mythic energy, sentient force of the divine, demonic, spiritual, mystical, almighty, kryptic, outer and/or eldritch beings allowing for the transcendence of the natural laws of physics and nature.





  • Anti-Energy Manipulation can disrupt this power.
  • Takes tremendous amounts of energy to become a powerful monster.
  • Potentially vulnerable to Anti-Magic.
  • Many entities/substances may be uncontrollable.
  • Use of the power could invite more dangerous entities into the world.
  • Monster energies can be caustic, users may unintentionally monsterize their surroundings.
  • Power may take on a life of its own and consume its user.

Known Users

  • Karlow (Asura's Wrath)
  • Agnus (Devil May Cry 4)
  • Evil Ernie (Chaos! Comics)
  • Leonard Price (Chaos! Comics)
  • Ivo Shandor (Ghostbusters)
  • Rowan North (Ghostbusters 2016)
  • Dr. Destiny (Justice League Dark); via Destiny Stone
  • Charles Deckard (Legendary); via Signet
  • Larry Tools (Monster Mandess)
  • Monster Hunter Kids (Monster Mandess)
  • Ezekiel 'Zick' Barrymore (Monster Allergy)
  • Lay Mamery (Monster Allergy)
  • Tadduja "Teddy" Thaur (Monster Allergy)
  • Argost (The Secret Saturdays)
  • Kur (The Secret Saturdays)
  • Zak Saturday (The Secret Saturdays)
  • Duelists (Yu-Gi-Oh); via shadow games.


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