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The power to intuitively extract information of a person's death. Sub-power of Supernatural Investigation. Variation of Intuitive Aptitude.

Also Called

  • Autopsy/Forensics/Pathology Intuition
  • Intuitive Corpse Analysis/Biopsy/Diagnosis/Investigation
  • Pathological Examination/Sense


The user can intuitively extract information or knowledge of a corpse, specifically their pathological/forensic causes of death. It may offer innate understanding of all forms of forensics on a possible number of beings. The power may be extrasensory, technological or simply intuitive in nature.





  • If the user develops or has a trauma of corpses/blood/gore, this may become useless unless with prior counsel.
  • The murderer might destroy the body into an unworkable state to mask the cause. However, depending on how the body was destroyed, the user can infer what the cause of death was with the way it is being masked e.g. If the victim is covered in wounds, the killer might be trying to mask blood blotches (or they were tortured).
  • They need a body to first get use of the power.

Known Users

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Batman Arkham Series); via Detective Mode
  • Dr. Camille Saroyan (Bones)
  • Dr. Reginald Fortune (Call Mr. Fortune)
  • Lanie Parish (Castle)
  • Sidney Perlmutter (Castle)
  • Dr. Maura Isles (Castle)
  • Dr. Jack Stapleton (Contagion)
  • Craig Kennedy (Cosmopolitan)
  • Dr. Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald (Cracker)
  • Dr. Al Robbins (CSI series)
  • Dr. David Phillips (CSI series)
  • Dr. Alex Woods (CSI series)
  • Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (CSI series)
  • Dr. Sid Hammerback (CSI series)
  • Dr. Woody Strode (CSI series)
  • Mikan Tsumiki (Danganronpa 2)
  • Dr. Jane Halifax (Halifax f.p.)
  • Dr. Max Bergman (Hawaii Five-O)
  • Julianna Cox (Homicide: Life on the Street)
  • Dr. Li Morris (in Death series)
  • Olivia "Liv" Moore (iZombie)
  • Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)
  • Dr John Evelyn Thorndyke (John Thorndyke's Cases series)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers (Law & Order)
  • Melinda Warner (Law & Order)
  • Kay Scarpetta (Post Mortem)
  • Dr. R. Quincy (Quincy, M.E.)
  • Dr. Robert Asten (Quincy, M.E.)
  • Dr. Emily Hanover (Quincy, M.E.)
  • Daphne Matthews (Quincy, M.E.)
  • Professor Sam Ryan (Silent Witness)
  • Dr. Tony Hill (The Mermaids Singing)
  • Dr. Laura Hobson (The Way Through the Woods)
  • Dr. Felix Gibson (Walking the Dead)
  • Dr. Eve Lovehart (Walking the Dead)
  • Dr. Frankie Wharton (Walking the Dead)
  • Dr. Tony Hill (Wires in the Blood)