The ability to use needles with great skill. Variation of Improbable Weapon Proficiency.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Needlemanship
  • Needle Mastery
  • Senbonjutsu (Art of the Needle)


Users are capable to use needles with great aptitude and skills. While needles are too small to inflict any large-scaled damage by conventional means, their size makes them very useful for delicate maneuvers. A skilled user can throw them with great accuracy and precision. Their small sizes make them perfect for concealment and stealth attacks, and can even be hidden inside one's mouth, which can be spat out to take the enemy by even more surprise.

Though rare, needles can be used as melee weapons such as a small knife, inflicting small slashes via the pointed tip. A person who can throw needles with enough force may be able to pierce through armor and defenses. Needles can also be (and is considered a common practice) dipped in poison to increase their lethalness.

With the proper knowledge of the human physiology, one can aim the needles for vital pressure points, resulting in incapacitation or even instant kill if it strikes. Using the same knowledge, the user can apply acupuncture with needles to boost the body or staunch pain and bleeding.



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