The power to use abilities of a Nelapsi. Variation of Vampire Physiology.

Also Called

  • Nelapsi Mimicry
  • Nelapši Physiology


User either is or can transform into Nelapsi, a walking corpse with pale skin, red eyes, black hair, claws and pointy teeth. It's extremely powerful and feral, with insatiable appetite, and won't stop hunting until dawn when it's forced to return to its grave. They drink the blood of humans and animals, and before doing so kills its prey by either tearing into the victim with its bite or by crushing. Being a patient and devious predator, sometimes it tortures its victims for weeks before killing and feeding on them. Single Nelapsi can massacre whole villages in one night, survivors (if any) are killed by the plague the Nelapsi inevitably brings.

Nelapsi doesn't possess typical vampiric weaknesses, as it doesn't fear holy icons (it's unknown whether things like holy water can harm it) and can't be hurt by sunlight. It's extremely difficult to kill because conventional weapons like firearms and blades won't injure it. When cornered, Nelapsi has the power to kill with a fierce glare. It's said to possess two hearts and two souls, despite undead typically not having souls.

Nelapsi inhabits graveyards in the European country Slovakia and the surrounding countries.




  • Though it can't be hurt by sunlight, Nelapsi can't be awake at day and must return to its grave before dawn.
  • Nelapsi can be killed by penetrating the heart/skull with a stake followed by decapitation, surrounding the body with garlic and either reburying or burning the body. This is usually performed during the day when the creature's asleep.
  • Attacks of Nelapsi can be prevented by sowing the opium poppy on the grave. Nelapsi will be distracted and count seeds all night, forced to return to its grave without feeding.

Known Users

  • Nelapši (Slovak folklore)
  • Nelapsi (Vampire: The Requiem)
  • Nelapsi (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • Vampires (30 Days of Night)
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